Imani’s Queenly Fashion

Just putting in some work over the weekend. Imani needed a new outfit for an upcoming fashion shoot so I fitted these two gowns for her. It’s the same gown actually with different textures. Imani always had a thing for Ancient Egyptian fashion so these seem to fit the bill. I’m still working with her crown but I may try a different one as well.¬†Definitely a work in progress but I thought I’d share (Click the¬†images for a bigger pics).

So what do you think, the orange or the blue? I’d love to hear your opinion.


2 thoughts on “Imani’s Queenly Fashion

  1. I admired your work until this image. 1st let me say that The African Woman in America is no longer in Africa of the past century where she was half-naked exposed in the bush. Today 2019 we as people have contributed so much, actually everything to fashion, even to the colorless European, yet we have allowed them to dictate to the Black woman how she should wear and appear in her clothing, breast exposed, behind exposed, half-naked just as the heathen European in the mountains of Europe. I would not expose my children, my girls to such a style as this. WHEN Will Black people wake the hell up? How so many of us Claim be Black this that and the other but follow the lewd, disgusting whoreish patterns of the low life white American.

    1. Hi Pat. I appreciate your honest opinion and thoughts. My apologies if I offended. I don’t see this outfit as lewd or exploitive but I can see how the promo image that came to your email may have given the wrong impression of what I was trying to present.

      I will redo the cover image and take care in the future to be more aware of how certain images are perceived. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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