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Imani Means Faith

Imani ImageImani is a fortune teller. So when she tells you something, you’d best believe. The quote is from Oprah Winfrey. At least that’s what it said on the internet… so it must be true, right?

Another entry into my upcoming series. Look into the crystal ball. All will soon be revealed!

Kuji Loves Books . . .

Kuji Image. . . In case you hadn’t noticed.

This is from an upcoming series/cast of characters due to be finished up in December. I’ll be doing a lot more toon characters in the near future, hope you like that sort of thing. 

Darla Comin’

Darla Image

A character study of a woman who seems to only have one name, lol. This started as an experiment in Poser body scaling. It morphed into an experiment with PhotoShop 3D text. Then got caught up in that twilight zone between quick render and finished artwork. Couldn’t get clothes to fit after morphing and scaling so I used a second skin I had lying around which turned it into a sci-fi piece.

Work in Progress: Kinara’s Children, everyday heroes

Kinara's Children image

This is a rough from a series of images and stories I’ve been working on. More info to come as I clean up the concept and artwork. Stay tuned

More Lil Aisha: “Does this tickle?”

This, I think, is my final variation on Lil Aisha. It’s kind of a combination between the realistic and toon styles I mentioned in the previous post.

Aisha meets up with her new friend Jack Rabbit and is surprised to learn that he can talk… and that he’s ticklish.

You’ll be seeing more of these two in the near future.

The Faces of Lil Aisha

Lil Aisha is a character I’ve been working on for quite a while. I have a general idea of who she is, (a curious and precocious 6 year old, who has fantastic adventures in the hood) but not sure what style I wanted to use.

These first ones are the more realistic variations. Click the second image for a simple animation.

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Massai Twilight