Umoja: Kickin’ Back on the Couch

Here’s a bit of a throwback. Umoja’s Kickin’ Back on the Couch.

I made this back in July but never posted it because it’s really just a sketch. I’ve been learning to rig and pose 3D figures in Blender so I can later render them out as coloring book images. Once a figure is rigged, you have to test it out to be sure the body moves as expected. Umoja looks relaxed and so am I because she’s bending and posing as expected. I’ll go into more detail about rigging and my art process in a later post.

Umoja is Kickin' Back on the Couch



Bonus Pics

This next set of renders are pretty much straight out the box with minimal post work. Just slapped a couple of filters on em. Just having fun here with these renders that I tend to crank out as I work my way through the process.


Umoja stretches before her exersize Umoja tests the new couch cushions


Coming Soon!

Stay tuned right here at CreatedbyCrosby for more info on Kinara’s Children, the upcoming coloring book, and other plans for the season. I have some exciting announcements and updates coming in the next few weeks.

sample pages from the Kinara's Children Kwanzaa Handbook and Guide

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