Kinara’s Children Mini Posters

Kinara's Children Mini Poster Ad 2


These just came in… and they’re looking sweeeeet!

8″ x 10″, full color, high quality, printed mini posters of all 7 Kinara’s Children characters. Yeah, they may look familiar but this is the first time they’ve been available at this size. Plus we now have the two characters, Ujima and Ujamaa, that I’ve been updating this year. Seven characters, seven Mini Posters.

Please note: frames and mattes are not included. 

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Kinara's Children Mini Posters
Kinara's Children Mini Posters
8 x 10 Mini Poster. Fits a standard 8 x 10 (unmatted) or 11 x 14 (matted) frame
Kinara's Children Mini Posters/Activity Pack Combo
Kinara's Children Mini Posters/Activity Pack Combo
8 x 10 Mini Posters PLUS 2.5 by 3.5 Activity Card Combo.

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  1. Stand ovation.
    I am a member of the African village of St Louis Missouri I am going to present this to the elders so your books and resources can be used.

  2. Do you have story books for your characters. Because if you don’t it would be cool if you did because you have a wonderful storyline happening between these seven principles and they could teach you a lot of lessons in our African American community I am a black history coach at my son School and I coached students about black history and we have represented Kwanzaa in our every winter program. So you have given me a new idea and I would hope that you could make stories of these kids. Thank you

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