Stay Safe–Stay Strong


Hi Folks. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, and those cooped up at home are not going stir crazy just yet. The Children feel your pain and this is what passes for a house party right about now. 

Kuumba and Nia are providing the music and Ujamaa has drinks (for a limited time low price, natch). No food right now just to be safe. Umoja is making sure her sister knows exactly what’s going on and Imani came by to drop off some natural products from her Botanica. They’re guaranteed to boost your immunity (no syringes or Lysol included). Kuji found mouthing off on Fakebook entirely unsatisfactory so she’s pleased as punch to finally have an audience. Ujima just showed up on the roof somehow. We’re not sure how he got there.

So stay safe and stay strong folks, we might not be together but we’re still family.

Ujima and Ujamaa Nia, Kuumba and Umoja Kuji and Imani


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