Weapons of Mass Distraction

Because I work with digital art it’s easy for me to get distracted. There’s always some new software, some new capabilities added, or some aspect of a program as yet unexplored. Worse yet is my interest in so many artistic styles and concepts. I do a lot of experimentation and preliminary work for images I’m working on or some bright idea I’d like to do in the future. Rather than let these images (I call them sketches) sit, I’ll be adding them to the site from now on so you all can see some of the process.

The distractions have now been weaponized!

Afro Hair Kit Picture

I modeled the items above in Blender and rendered this quickie in Poser’s Superfly. I don’t do photo realism much but, you know… I’m reality curious. The hair grease container was easy, making the label was more difficult. Thank god for my extensive collection of obsolete fonts. Never know when you need to typeset Bauhaus, lol. I still need to make a Cake Cutter, the iconic fist afro pick, one of those long rake combs, and the folding red black and green pick with the metal teeth. I don’t know why, nostalgia I guess.

Hoodie Guy

I really wanted a hoodie for my Kinara’s Children characters. Mostly to be used on extras in the scene. I couldn’t find one for the particular figures that I use in any of the 3D content stores so I had to make one myself. This is actually a modification of a store bought hoodie fitted to a different figure. I had to go in and refit it for this guy right here (it will be used on other characters as well). The challenge was getting the hood to fit over his rather enormous noggin. No complaints though, the large heads are what make them so darn cute!

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