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All About Kinara’s Children

Here’s a pretty cool interview conducted by brother Hiram Akeem of It gave me a chance to go in on what and why I created Kinara’s Children. It’s really good to have a conversation rather than just kind of dropping my work on social media. It’s also instructive to see my work through other people’s eyes and, of coarse, practice my presentation. Listening to me describe it, I’m getting more excited about Kinara’s Children as well (as if that’s possible, lol).

In any case it’s clear that I need to focus back in on the book I’ve been promising for way to long. Get it done D! Then move forward to the next stage… I’m really serious this time!

I think I did a pretty fair job just kinda winging it. What do you think?

Check the full article here

Black Panther Round Table 

And if that weren’t enough I’m also including a link our the Black Panther Round Table discussion also hosted by Akron Hip Hop. Brothers Ace Boogie, Elmer “Bounce” Mahone, Jr., Kofi Khemet and I discuss our thoughts on the film. I know you may have had your fill of the Panther by now but you may want check it out as Kofi gives his thoughts on why Wakanda is actually Ethiopia… Hmmmn?

Check the video down below


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