2020 Goals: Clothing and Texturing

Kuji costume 3Q


Clothing and Texturing

Another goal for the year is to create African themed clothing for all seven Kinara’s Children characters. In order to make new clothing, I use a combination of modeling new meshes (3D shapes) or downloading clothing meshes from various sources. Once sized and fitted to the figures, the meshes can be combined and retextured into brand new KC African style fashions. You can see some of my other experiments with Imani and Ujima.

Here are some experiments and works in progress. Kuji’s in her “peacekeeping” gear inspired by popular culture. I’ve also got a nifty spear to add from a previous image. I’m learning to texture and paint on my clothing models in Blender while trying to figure out something about fashion design at the same time. I’m happy with the results but this outfit is subject to change. Just having fun with it 😉

Kuji Costume front


Kuji Costume back


Kuji Costume Closeup


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  1. Thanks for sharing your 2020 goal of creating African-themed clothing for the Kinara’s Children characters! It’s great to see the creative process behind designing and implementing new clothing designs using a combination of modeling and downloaded meshes. Your examples of previous experiments with Imani and Ujima show how even small changes in textures and fabrics can completely transform the look and feel of a character’s outfit. Have you considered documenting the process in more detail, such as with a video tutorial or blog post series? It would be interesting to see the step-by-step process from start to finish, and it could be a helpful resource for others interested in creating custom clothing for their own characters. Best of luck with your 2020 goals!

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