2020 Goals: The Color of the New Year

It’s two weeks into 2020 already. Hard to believe. The new year comes with resolutions and goals. I may have already broken a resolution or two but my goals for Kinara’s Children are still intact. One of my most important goals for this project is to see my Kinara’s Children images and content used for practical purposes. It’s cool to have a Kuji mug or set of posters displayed in your home and I thank those who’ve shared their photos with me. Kinara’s Children is all about teaching and learning though, so the focus remains to create media that can actually be used to share and inform folks about the spirit of Kwanzaa and the Nguzo Saba.

The Coloring Book
One of the projects I’d like to complete this year is a coloring book for young children. It’s a way for them to have fun while learning the names and meanings of the principles. The images above are my first take on the process. These are rough drafts and experiments. As I continue the process I’ll add more images to my site. If there is any interest, I may offer up a small digital download of work to date for subscribers to this site. You’ll be able to print it out and color it up. I have other ideas and projects which I’ll be sharing with you as they get further into the process. Stay tuned.

Keep an Eye Out
I’ve promised a book for quite a while. I envisioned an award winning, full color, cleverly written picture book that would turn the publishing world on its head. It turned out to be more complex than expected. I still plan on taking the picture book world by storm in the near future, but logic dictates starting with something less ambitious and more efficient. It still needs to be done with the same high quality you’ve come to know and expect. It’s the only way I work. The challenge for a coloring book is breaking down my fully colored and rendered artwork into a minimal amount of lines with large shapes to allow coloring. The finished product should look easy but will take some work behind the scenes to be a get it just right. I’m happy with how it’s started out though… and now that I’ve said it out loud it must be done 😉




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