Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Winter hasn’t officially started but Umoja’s already thinking of spring. She’s looking forward to tending her garden and raising her flowers…in the sunshine. This one actually comes with a soundtrack.

Umoja loves the sunshine


Here are some variations on a theme. If you didn’t know that Umoja was an avid gardener, you’ll soon find out. The fruits and veggies are cool, but her sunflowers are her pride and joy. She loves being in the sunshine, a city girl who appreciates nature.

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Umoja's time to shine


I’ve been refining this style for some time now. Hard lines and relatively flat color in preparation for my upcoming coloring book (yes, it’s a thing). More on that later. These images are rendered in Blender3D and post-worked in Affinity. I hope you like them.

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Umoja shines at night


“Feel, what I feel, when I feel, what I feel, when I’m feelin’,
in the sunshine.” Roy Ayers Ubiquity, “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.” 1976.

Umoja shines on


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  1. Beautiful, I felt good just looking at all of your work. Please think about making soft dolls of your characters, for small children. Thank you for your vision

  2. Your work is fantastic! Love your characters. Just do what you do when you do what you’re doing, in the Sunshine!

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