Family Photo Day

Nia's Family


Here’s a series of images of Kuumba and family (Kuumba, Umoja, and little Nia) after having their family photos taken. I’m my own harshest critic, so when I say this image makes me happy it means a lot. Why am I happy? Let me count the ways:

  1. Concept: I have a special place in my heart for the Black Family. It’s the cornerstone of our community and has weathered many challenges throughout the years. From literally selling off the children during slave days to the absence of fathers (and mothers) today, due to incarceration, violence, or plain backwards thinking. Not that other families aren’t beautiful, but unity (Umoja) begins at home. Until African Americans deal with the issues facing our families all other struggle will be fruitless.
  2. Color: An area I’m not yet satisfied with. Through practice and study I’ve seen improvement. It’s like working out. Seeing gains inspires you to work harder knowing the long hours are not in vain. If you look closely you’ll see the cool shadows and warm highlights, Color Theory 101. Also better use of the color palette. I want to control color rather than let it control me. Pulling that off using 3D tools is a challenge but it helps add the illustrative effect I’ve been striving for.
  3. Execution: By which I mean workflow, style, and consistency. I’ve just about “dialed in” the process for getting the art to look the same image by image while at the same time defining my own style. I even have a check list so as not to get off track. Notice the similarity between the images posted, OK one’s a crop job but you get the picture.  As I continue to work on my upcoming book it will be important for each page to look like it comes from one artist and that it stay consistently high quality.

I could say more (much more) but I’ll give it a rest and hope the pictures speak a thousand words. Peace.

Family Photo Day 2

Family Photo Day 3