Faces of Kuumba: A Study

Kuumba doesn’t get enough attention. I don’t know why? He’s a man after my own heart; musical, artistic, poetic. Creative in every way. Mostly he’s seen with the family, his wife Umoja and Nia, their daughter. That’s cool but he’s going to get more attention in the future.

These images are a study of expressions. I felt like I wanted to get a better range of emotions in my images. Some worked out better than others but they were fun to make and really bring Kuumba to life. 

Click any image for a slide show of Kuumba’s emotions.

4 Replies to “Faces of Kuumba: A Study”

  1. Hi Darryl…I’m feelin’ the different expressions of Kuumba. That’s my two cents. Keep it up.
    I have a suggestion, though. You created an excellent print of Kuji “Your Story Has Yet To Be Written” Could you make a similar print with Ujamaa? I would be great to have Black man depicted supportive of books/reading as well.
    Ivory D. Williams-Detroit Association of Black Storytellers

  2. Thanks for the 2 cents brother. Your thoughts have weight. I understand what you’re saying though for Ujamaa his reading would have to be in the context of economics since that’s what he represents. I’ll give it some thought. Peace.

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