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Good news. My Patreon page is up and running. It’s important to note that the art I create I give freely to the online community. I will continue to do so. Supporting my work only helps light a fire under me and helps insure my continued ability to create the art I/we love.


What is Patreon?
For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a virtual tip jar. Like when you go downtown and see a guy playing sax on the corner. You like the music, you listen for while, and you pitch what you can afford into his hat. Now imagine you make a promise to throw X amount of dollars into the hat every time you see him playing. It’s an incentive for the musician to show up with his sax regularly and you get to enjoy the music as well as supporting a deserving sax man. If enough people make the same promise the sax man will show up every day, hone his skills and add something beautiful to the world.
That’s the idea behind Patreon.


What I’m Doing
I’ve been working on a series of images and short stories depicting folklore, and legendary figures from African American culture. I’ll be working with characters and stories drawn from African and African American folktales, Aesop’s fables and other mythology. In addition I’ll be creating images depicting real and mythological characters such as John Henry, Shango, Harriet Tubman, Imhotep and others.

Last but not least, I’ll be working on my original children’s book character’s Lil Aisha and Kinara’s Children with the ultimate goal of publishing my first children’s books.


How You Can Help
My interests are fairly broad but with your support I’ll be able to test the waters and gauge interest in order to bring my audience the kind of images and stories they like.
Feel free to donate any amount you like. You’ll only be charged for new pieces I complete and add to my page. You can cancel, give feedback, or modify your pledge at any time. You can also cap your monthly pledge in case I get too productive one month.


To see what Patreon is all about please visit my page.