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Great news everyone. Kinara’s Children are movin’ on up. To a deluxe website in the cloud. It was way overdue but now Umoja, Nia, Ujima, Kuumba and the crew have new digs on their own site: For those who may be new here check this brief summary of what this project is all about: 

The Kinara’s Children project is a website aimed at informing the community about Kwanzaa, its 7 principles, and African American history and culture through the lives of 7 cartoon characters who exhibit the traits found in Kwanzaa’s Nguzo Saba. homepage graphic


I have big plans for the next year (don’t I always), not only my upcoming coloring book but multipanel stories, more useful products, more info on Kwanzaa, the Nguzo Saba, and how it’s practiced worldwide. This will all be found on the web site and give me the opportunity to focus only on the characters and their world.

What about Created by Crosby?

We’re not going anywhere! I’m still working out the details of how I might proceed though. For the time being, I’ll be posting Kinara’s Children content on both sites (so you won’t miss a thing) but CbC will be moving back to focusing on design and illustrations that aren’t part of Kinara’s Children’s world. I’ll also consider reviews of other culturally oriented media, 3d tech, and info about various graphic oriented software and techniques. 

Please Note: The sign up sheet at still links to my current CreatedbyCrosby mailing list. There is one list for both sites. I haven’t worked out how I’d like to handle this yet but for now, you may end up with two emails for the same content as I transition the Kinara’s Children site

Kwanzaa 2020 is on its way!

And as we reflect on the joys (and pain) of the past year we can also look forward to great things in the future.


Habari Gani? (What's the News?)


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  1. awesome much needed. i need to find a great book that puts all this together along with describing the ceremony , what materials to buy what they are called meaning and how to honor the 7 days. it’s all scattered and not in one place.

    1. Thanks. I’ll be adding more relevant material to the site. I may have to add a reading list as well at some point. Peace

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