Marketing Books using Virtual Photography

Boy I wish I could sit at home and work on Kinara’s Children all day. I actually have to work for a living though, baby needs a new pair of shoes (and an 8″ Fire tablet). Fortunately, I still get to work and hone my 3D skills on the job while marketing and promoting our books. I call this image creation technique “virtual photography.” It seems an accurate description as I only model minimal portions of the image. For the most part, I gather pre-made virtual props, arrange them in space, light the scene, and choose the aperture, frame, and film stock before rendering (similar to developing film). This is similar to how a typical studio photographer might work.

Attached are three of my latest images, composed and rendered in Blender 2.79. The books can all be found and purchased at the Kent State University Press.



Reading List-Hemingway



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